Deborah Howe

Elementary School Teacher
New York, NY

I can’t thank Dr. Monahan-Kreishman enough for inspiring me though her Social Justice Kids Year-Long Experience for Parents and Educators and her LOVE KIDS method. My Social Justice Kids Year-Long Experience has held me accountable for bringing social justice issues and experiences to the forefront of my classroom interactions, teaching, and planning not just occasionally, but on a daily basis.  Dr. Monahan-Kreishman and my cohort have pushed me past my original safe comfort zone into an expanding learning zone where I can now comfortably use social identities to understand how I show up in the world, and as I discuss social justice issues with my students.  From the place of vulnerability, that Dr. Monahan-Kreishman helped me reach, my students and I have had meaningful discussions about the world, past and present, and their place in creating the future they want.  Social Justice Kids and learning the LOVE KIDS method has taught me how to empower my students with their own voices.