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By enrolling in our 8-unit signature course, LOVE KIDS, you're joining a community of parents and educators from all across the United States who are striving to bring up Social Justice Kids. LOVE KIDS takes white parents and educators from "I don't know where to start," or "I know I could do better," to feeling confident, competent, and ready to change the world, with and for the KIDS they LOVE! 

If you'd like Dr. Mollie to speak, present, or be part of an event, please contact her at [email protected].



  • A PHILOSOPHY – because every concept in LOVE KIDS emerges from ideas put forth by the greatest social justice leaders of our time.
  • A FOUNDATION – because LOVE KIDS provides a solid grounding for empowering kids at home and in schools.
  • A DAILY PRACTICE – because the cumulative impact of small daily efforts can change the world.

LOVE KIDS gives you concrete tools to:

  • Move beyond the fear of messing up and saying the “wrong” thing.
  • Learn and develop racial justice language to use with kids and fellow grown-ups.
  • Choose the most impactful resources for you from our highly inclusive, always growing, curated list of books (for grown ups and kids!), blogs, and media content!
  • Start empowering the KIDS you LOVE to make a difference TODAY.

So you’re wondering if LOVE KIDS is right for you?

3 questions to consider:

  • Are you passionate about bringing up Social Justice Kids?
  • Are you seeking a safe and brave space where you can mess up with other white people, so you can show up more confident and equipped in more diverse spaces?
  • Do you believe you have room to grow?

If you answered YES to these questions, you've found the right place to learn and engage. Register for LOVE KIDS today!