Harmony Armendariz

She/her/hers pronouns
Site Coordinator
Communities In Schools of Peninsula
Minter Creek Elementary School

I began working with Dr. Mollie Monahan-Kreishman about two years ago on the critical topic of social justice. I had the privilege of participating in a virtual group training that she created and facilitated with other like-minded woman around the country. Using her LOVE KIDS method and way of life, we engage in meaningful conversations about race and learn how to actively be a part of dismantling systems of oppression, specifically through our own increased awareness and strategies to help educate our children and students.  As this work can be emotionally tricky to navigate, Mollie provides an incredibly humble and safe space for free expression and gently guides group members to reflect and consider what can be learned from every experience.  She has a wealth of knowledge and provides concrete tools to begin working on right away. Mollie’s passion for this work and warm way of imparting her knowledge to others is truly inspiring. Ultimately, I’m left with the understanding that this is a life-long journey of learning and commitment to prioritizing this work. I started as a private coaching client of Mollie’s, but then invited her to serve as trainer/facilitator for our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team at our Elementary School. Thank you so much for all you do, Mollie!